Sunday, June 11, 2006

Denver Job Hunting


I was in Denver the whole last week interviewing and finding a place to live. I interviewed with 5 Architecture companies for design positions. All the interviews went really well -- I should hear back this week on a job. It's amazing to me how in control God really is. We weren't excited about moving to Denver at first, but it is obviously where God wants us, and knowing that makes it so exciting. I found that I wasn't stressing over my interviews and the whole navigation thing when I normally would be a total worry-wart. It's not as stressful knowing that God's in control, instead of little me.

I appreciate all the prayers for our move and job-hunting. We still haven't heard back from Bryan's work as far as an official offer, but the ball is definately rolling. We're set to move the last day of this month! Three more weeks-YIKES! So we're busy spending time with friends & visiting places we won't get to see for awhile.

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Kevin & Amy said...

Megan - It's so encouraging to hear that God gave you grace and you were calm and your interviews went well!

I'm so glad you guys have a blog! It will be so nice to keep in touch and see how God works in your lives in Denver! I wish that we could be there in Sacramento to help you with the move ... but I know we have good friends there and they'll take care of you. :)

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