Wednesday, July 05, 2006

We've Arrived!!

We finally made it to Denver after two long and torturous days of driving. We ended up staying with my Aunt & Uncle in Loveland because we didn't get to Colorado until 10pm - the apartment closes at 5. My Aunt & Uncle and cousins helped us move in Sunday afternoon, which would have been impossible without them, because we're on the 3rd floor! We have a spectacular view of the mountains though!

Monday we spent all day at the DMV - yippee!!! At least it's over with - and it wasn't any worse than my California experience at the DMV :)

For the fourth of July we explored downtown Denver & had a quiet bbq at our place, we invited the cats :) Bryan's first day of work is today, so hopefully that goes well! Keep praying for a job for me! and peace of mind & guidance as we find a church and hopefully some friends.

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