Saturday, September 16, 2006

New Vacuum

Ok - so you're probably thinking that if I'm writing a blog on our new vacuum, things must really be rough... well that's not so. I'm just very impressed.

We had a vacuum we bought when we first got married, just 2 years ago. It totally bit the dust in the last couple weeks -- such great timing with moving and all. So we started researching different vacuums. We finally decided on the dyson animal. I was nervous to pay more than the average price for a vacuum, but once I filled up the container twice with cat hair our old vacuum could have never picked up - even in it's best days - I was hooked!

Monday, September 11, 2006


We have a house - it's finally official. The house you see below is our house now. We move in on the 27th! My parents are coming to help us move in and see our new abode that weekend :) Bryan's convinced that as soon as we walk in the door I'll go get a puppy - maybe so :)

I also have a new job - I sent an email about this so it may be old news, but I start Friday - I'm very excited. I'm also pleased with how well my current job has treated me under the circumstances of working there such a short time. They're taking me out to lunch Wednesday to say good-bye.

We also went to a newcomer's dinner at our church to meet & greet the pastors. It was nice to finally meet them all, hear the history of the church, etc. We are looking forward to getting placed into a small group (finally meeting people) and possibly helping out with the junior high group...

So that's the scoop, this is a busy month & but a very fun one!
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