Thursday, December 21, 2006


We're officially snowed in! I think it was the official welcome to Colorado - several months late. We were lucky to make it home yesterday. We both went to work with just a skiff of snow on the ground -- thinking those weather people were crazy -- they usually are wrong. However, by the time we got off the bus downtown it was blizzarding like crazy. I walked 7 blocks in that -- just to leave at 11:45. Thankfully someone at work gave me a ride to the bus station. Bryan and I were able to meet up at the station for a two and a half hour wait to get on a bus and make the 1 hour trudge through the snow home. When we got to the station, we had to dig our car out of the parking lot, and manuver around all those dinky little cars that were stalled - Thanks Mom & Dad for the snow tires and the grandma car!! We slipped and slided home barely seeing 5 feet in front of us - the winds were so powerful, the snow looked like it was coming in sideways. We finally made it home where it was nice and warm. Bryan scooped out the driveway and the front porch so that we could get the car in the garage,and have a place for Berkley to do his business. The look on his face when he has to go outside it priceless: "you want me to do what,...where?" Then he runs around like a crazy dog through the 3 feet of snow and proceeds to barrel inside snow flying everywhere. The cats are enjoying "snow-watching" -- we decided to watch Christmas movies and have hot cocoa. We're watching the road reports so that we can drive to Montana as soon as the roads are clear. Pray for safe travels..we won't venture out if it's not safe, but we do want to get home for the first Christmas in 3 years! Let it snow!

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Tara said...

Hmmm...Christmas movies, hot chocolate, happy pets, and a snowed-in work-day. Sounds kinda nice! Thanks for posting the pictures. Brrrr....crazy weather!

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