Sunday, January 21, 2007

More Snow...

Yes - we are once again getting dumped on! All this powdery white is beautiful - until we're attempting to walk to work from the bus stop in it! I think with all snow, should come snow days :) complete with curling up on the sofa with hot cocoa and a good book. If only life was so ideal.

We've been extremely busy this new year... We spent New Year Eve with friends from Bryan's work. It was fun to have a little social life in this winter of both snow and the proximity of friends and family. We've continued to look for a church - we've experienced some strange churches - and some that seem to be from decades of the past!

Last weekend we had dinner & hung out with some of my friends from Billings that I haven't seen in years. They were actually my youth leaders when I was in high school - Scott & Cori Anderberg! It was fun to meet their boys and for them to meet Bryan. Cori is quite the cook too! I was very impressed. It was wonderful to have fellowship with friends -- and how cool is it that even though so much time has passed, friendship weathers years and allows you to pick it back up where you left off!

We've learned over the past few months that not only should you ask God to fulfill your needs - friends & fellowship in our case, but you actually have to pursue it. Things just seem to fall into place when you put the two together!

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Kevin & Amy said...

Wow! It sounds like you guys have had tons more snow than us. I'm somewhat envious. Somewhat. :)

I'll be praying that God meets your fellowship needs. It's hard coming from Sacramento where we had such a loyal and tight-knit group of friends, I know!! He knows your needs and He is big enough to meet them all. I'll pray this happens soon!


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