Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Rods visit Colorado!!

Walt, Em, & Anthony visited us in Colorado! It was soo good to see them. We had a blast showing them around our new home and the surrounding area. We hiked a little, had some yummy food & enjoyed eachother's company. Here are some snapshots!
AJ & Berkley - the best of pals!!

AJ hiking the Chataqua trail in Boulder.

Em doing all the heavy lifting, while the guys wimp out!

All of us on the Chataqua trail, the flatirons are in the background!

Em, AJ, Walt, Bryan & Megan in front of the Colorado State Capitol Building.

Em & AJ - AJ mastered the stairs while he was here! He had 3 sets to practice on!!


Kevin & Amy said...

It's fun to see pics of all you guys in the beautiful places around your house! Makes me imagine where you live/play/work better!

Walt and Em said...

It was fun looking at these pics. They remind me of what a great time we had with you guys. Can't wait to see you this summer. Love you guys!!

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