Monday, May 14, 2007

Birthday Celebrations with Erica

Not long ago, I was walking to work from the bus when I ran into one of my friends from high school in MT, Erica! Since we have been having great fun lunching, shopping and exploring Denver and the surrounding area. It's been great to have some girl time & rekindle old friendship! Here are some of our recent outings..

Afternoon Tea at the Dashunbee Tea House in Boulder. If you ever come visit, this is a very cool place! Erica spent a year in Europe, so I thought afternoon tea would be a perfect way to celebrate her birthday (last year she was in France!)

Donning crazy hats on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, CO! Since it's Erica's birthday she has the birthday hat!

At the Colorado Rapids game (soccer) for my birthday celebration! It was SO cold, but so worth it. I could hardly talk all week, because I yelled so much during this game. Kyle Beckerman is my new favorite MLS player!

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