Thursday, June 28, 2007


NeoCon is the premier Interior Design event held in Chicago every June. This year in Denver, for those of use who didn't get to go to NeoCon had NeoCan't. It was fun to go with some girls from work - they had all the vendors set up, and Chicago style food and drink. Oprah was even there....

as a cardboard cutout, but still.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Puppy sitting

Over the weekend we watched our friend's puppy Indii while they got married in Maryland. Berkley LOVED having a playmate! & Indii loved tagging along with Berkley. We took them for a hike Saturday, and several walks throughout the week. They are now best buds!
Berkley LOVES tuggawar!

Indii discovers our pond! What lab doesn't love water?

Action shot...Indii loved chasing Berkley around the yard.

Berkley being tackled by Indii!

Happy Birthday Bryan!

Stylish work clothes..
Fire Pit for the backyard....we tried it out this weekend! It was awesome, we just need to add s'mores!

Even Berkley gets in on the Birthday wishes!

KC - Kansas City National Companies Summer Nationals

Team National's Summer Nationals were held in Kansas City, Missouri this year! It was my first national convention. I had a blast hanging out with my teammates and getting to know the company. How refreshing to be involved in a God-centered company who's mission is to help families become financially free and spend more time with their loved ones!

The formal pictures are of the last night in KC at the Gala - dinner & dance! They had a great band, and Kennard & Mark were nice enough to dance with all the girls!

Vicki & Kennard

Gale & Megan

Mark & Jan Martin - Mark is the onry uncle of the group...

Gale, Donna & Megan

Vicki, Kennard, Gale, Bob & Nina

Donna, Brit, Mark, Jan & Megan...can you say cheese!?!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Putting in some overtime...

Bryan, Erica & I at the opening of the Corner Office downtown Denver!

Memorial Day in Montana

We went back to MT for Memorial Day weekend. We hung out with family & saw some old friends. It was nice to be back, even if for a short while....
Josh, Gerald, Grandma & Jamie

Dance Revolution! Jamie teaches Bryan the steps..

Jamie jammin'

Aunt LeLe & Megs

Mom & Dad Close, still love each other after 35 years.

Bubba & Sissy Close

Grandpa, Lis & Bryan

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