Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rapids VS. Galaxy

We had been waiting for this day for MONTHS! David Beckham was supposed to play in this match between LA & Colorado, BUT the guy goes and sprains his ankle before the game!! I grew up playing soccer - and have dreamed of seeing Beckham play. OH well! There's always next season & we still had a blast! The Rapids played awesome - they shut out the Galaxy 3-0. I LOVE having an MLS team in Denver. The park is an awesome venue & the team is great. FUN FUN! Even better to have a soccer crazy girlfriend to enjoy it with :)
Megan & Erica overlooking the field.

We donned our Beckham gear even though he wasn't there. We felt like traitors, but at least we looked good!

Tailgating before the game.

Pre-game picnic pics. We brought wine, cheese, veggies, kiwis & french bread to enjoy on our blanket -- pre-match. It was great to relax & catch up.

The park from our seats.

Chatauqua Trail - Boulder, CO

We made it to the top of Flatiron #1 & 2. This is the view from the backside! Gorgeous!

Overlooking Boulder

View from the back of the Flatirons!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Built-ins complete - finally!!

SO - we built these shelves starting last year...October/Novemberish. We had everything done except for the base cabinets & shelves, so during my transition for work, I finished them up! I think they look pretty dang good if I don't say so myself! We still have to get glass for the doors, but they're ready to go & finally blog-ready! Who said power tools are for boys?!?

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Friday, August 03, 2007

Celebrating 3 Years!

We can't believe it! It's been 3 years since our wedding day! To celebrate we spent the day in Estes Park, hiking and checking out the town. I am so blessed to have Bryan by my side. I still say, there's no greater blessing than sharing life with your best friend. I'm so thankful for Bryan! I'm one lucky wife :)

Camping in Vail

Here are some pictures of a camping trip in Vail. This is real camping! No reservations needed...and no restrooms! It was absolutely beautiful and so peaceful. We went with our friends, Jenni, Chris & Tony. Our pups Berkley had a blast!

The dogs always led the way..

When I tried out Chris' kayak, Berkley swam after me, pulled himself in the boat & soaked his mama!

Taking a break from hiking!

Jenni, Berkley, Bryan & Megan on lake..

The Kreitzberg family...far off in the distance

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