Saturday, September 15, 2007

Labor Day in Wyoming

Over Labor Day weekend we drove to Clark, Wyoming, aka the middle of nowhere - & my Grandma's ranch. We camped out on her ranch with my parents. We fished, and floated down the Clarks Fork river with the 3 dogs. We had so much fun, and it was relaxing & peaceful to be out in sagebrush country.
Fishing along the Clarks Fork.

On the way back to CO we stopped at my grandparent's house in Cody. My step-grandma Bonnie, has an amazing green thumb & loads of creativity. Here are some of her planters.

My grandpa & Bonnie.

Megan, Grandma Close & Bryan

Megan, Dad, Mom & Bryan (& Berkley)

Mom & Dad floating on the river.

Bryan, Berks & Megan on the river.

Berkley giving Mom a wet hug!

Megan's fish.

Bryan & Dad fishin.

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