Friday, November 30, 2007

I Got Elfed!

Too Funny! My coworker, Penny, found this online. It's from Office Max at You can turn yourself, or anyone else into a dancing elf. Here are some of the one's we created at work, and I created for various friends, and family :) Spread the Holiday Laughter! Us w/ our friends Kevin & Kristi My family Bryan's family Cliff & Lisa First half of my co-workers 2nd half of my co-workers Walt, Em & AJ Our pets

Enjoy! Send me a link or post it on the comments if you elf yourself!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Fred Astaire Thanksgiving Trophy Ball

We had our trophy ball for our dance studio last night. Bryan and I have been taking dance lessons for the past few months, and have started doing really well! Last night we danced in an exhibition for our studio's trophy ball. We each danced east coast swing with our instructors, Crystal and Vlad. It was our first time dancing in front of a crowd -- something I can honestly say we never thought we'd do. But we love our lessons and our instructors are great! It was fun to dress up and strut our stuff!
Bryan & Crystal

I'm in the back -- far away from the camera w/ Vlad.

The manager of our studio, Christina and Jorgan struttin' a little Fox Trot - so cute!

Vlad & Virginia - dancing rhumba - they were amazing! Vlad whipped out the sexy latin dance shirt! haha.

Captivated Kitties

We finally got our fireplace fixed...and even though you can't see the glow of the fire in the background - our kitties are LOVING it! They are having a blast chillin' in front of the fire. They crack us up!

Weekend to Rember in Estes Park

This past weekend we went to Estes Park for the Weekend to Rember conference, put on by Family LIfe ( This was THE best marriage conference, or anything marriage related we have done. It was an amazing weekend full of insight into God's view for marriage and how a marriage operates and functions the way He intended it to. After knowing each other for 8 years now -- we still learned so much from one another and had a blast. The speakers were great, and had lots of insight and stories to relate to. On saturday night we had a "date night" and went out to dinner at a local Italian place, and walked around Estes. This is a conference we will definitely go back to every few years -- we highly recommend it!
We stayed at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park ( If the hotel name sounds familiar, it's because, Stephen King's novel "The Shining" was based on this hotel -- and it was in the movie. Alas, nothing creepy or ghostly happened while we were here It was a gorgeous hotel with so much history, and great service. Despite rumors of ghosts, we didn't see any, and we will probably stay here again!

The interior of the main house.

From afar - the Stanley hotel is a mainstay in Estes -- it's been in operation since, 1909.

Lovely Estes background...

The wisemen are traveling through Estes...betcha didn't know that!

Corn Maze

One weekend in October - my Aunt Colleen, cousin Yesmina & I took my cousin Mitchell to the corn maze in Loveland. It brought back lots of fun memories from the corn maze in Montana we used to go to. A little creepy -- but it was fun to see Mitchell excited and rearin' to go! A fun fall tradition :)

Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween Pumpkins
This year we got creative with our pumpkins. I carved a bat into mine, and Bryan did the extra cool dracula one. We had lots of cute little munchkins come to our door trick-or-treating. Our neighborhood has lots of little kids, and it's always so fun to see their costumes, and squeaky little voices.
Here's mine, all lit up...
In full light -- or full flash

Bryan's fancy carved pumpkin:

Ooooh, ahh - he did a great job, huh?!

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