Friday, November 16, 2007

Weekend to Rember in Estes Park

This past weekend we went to Estes Park for the Weekend to Rember conference, put on by Family LIfe ( This was THE best marriage conference, or anything marriage related we have done. It was an amazing weekend full of insight into God's view for marriage and how a marriage operates and functions the way He intended it to. After knowing each other for 8 years now -- we still learned so much from one another and had a blast. The speakers were great, and had lots of insight and stories to relate to. On saturday night we had a "date night" and went out to dinner at a local Italian place, and walked around Estes. This is a conference we will definitely go back to every few years -- we highly recommend it!
We stayed at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park ( If the hotel name sounds familiar, it's because, Stephen King's novel "The Shining" was based on this hotel -- and it was in the movie. Alas, nothing creepy or ghostly happened while we were here It was a gorgeous hotel with so much history, and great service. Despite rumors of ghosts, we didn't see any, and we will probably stay here again!

The interior of the main house.

From afar - the Stanley hotel is a mainstay in Estes -- it's been in operation since, 1909.

Lovely Estes background...

The wisemen are traveling through Estes...betcha didn't know that!

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