Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Montana Christmas

Close Family Christmas...
We had a cozy little Close Christmas this year, my bubba, Ryan, made it home and the five of us celebrated. We had a cajun shrimp dinner for Christmas Eve after Church. I made a vanilla souffle this year (one of B & my traditions). We played lots of games, and hung out. We even caught a few Christmas was very relaxing and good restfulness with the fam.
Bryan & Ryan

Dad, Mom & Ryan

Mom & Meg

Dad & Mom

Dad & Ryan

Bryan & Ryan (I asked that they touch in the picture because they were standing so far apart like typical guys, this is what I got...)

Christmas Day dinner at Nana & Papa Kreitzberg's
For Christmas dinner we went to Nana & Papa's. Nana always cooks the most AMAZING meals! She made this cauliflower & broccoli casserole that was to die for, and I don't normally like either of those veggies! Nana & Pops always make us feel so at home!

Megan & Nana

Lisa & Bryan on Mom's lap...not as comfy as it used to be!

Pops & lil' Lis'
Barta family Christmas Eve:
For Christmas Eve all the Barta's meet at Grandpa & Grandma's we have turkey dinner and open gifts together...we always have a lot of laughs. It's fun to see everyone, since this is usually one of the only times each year we get to do that!

Cliff & Lisa, Jeff & Gale, Megan & Bryan

Megan & Jamie @ Grandma & Grandpa's

All the Barta grandkids...minus Scott & Jim :(

Bryan & Lisa

The engaged...Cliff & Lisa (I finally have another "in-law" - yeah, it only took 8 years! :)

Josh & Bryan

Bryan & Megan

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