Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's a Boy!!! 20 week ultrasound pictures...

Here's our baby boy, he's very healthy and growing great! He has ten toes and ten fingers. We are so excited to have a little boy. We aren't telling or deciding on names until he's born, so if you ask, prepare to be frustrated :) That's our little secret!

The defining picture for our little fella...I'm sure he'll love this when he's older and it's scrapbooked for girlfriends to see.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lighting Upgrades

For my birthday, I requested various lighting and home upgrades. Some of you are rolling your eyes, just remember what I do for a living...
We had all gross brass fixtures in our house, but no brass, no more! New hallway lights.

A new pendant over the kitchen table.

A dainty new pendant over the kitchen sink.
New lamps for the bedroom and a comfy new bedspread that suits Berkley well :)

We also got some new paintings for our dining room.

And here's our new kid-friendly coffee table, no glass to break!


Finally, this past fall I remembered to plant my tulips! I LOVE tulips, and have never had my very own, but this spring I was surprised by all my beautiful yellow and red tulips, and lots of pink ones too! The trick is keeping Berkley out of the flower bed :)

Birthday Celebrations

I'm only a month late getting this post up! Bryan took me to Breckenridge, a little mountain town for my birthday. We relaxed, walked around town and enjoyed some yummy Mary's Mountain Cookies. If you EVER go to Breck, you have to get a half-dozen of them!
Here we are at this cute little restaurant, Le Petit Paris. It was a very quaint little French place. We had yummy food and the best french fries ever (with Bryan's steak). And creme brulee for dessert, of course!

Snow was still on the mountains, but we had a nice 70 degree day while we were there!

This look translates: you're seriously taking a picture of me at a scrapbooking store? And obviously his answer was yes...

My yummy ice cream cake Bryan got me!

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