Thursday, June 19, 2008


We took a long weekend and visited friends in Sacramento. It was fun to see the nephews, Ty & AJ and our new niece Ava. I also had my first baby shower with my girlfriends in Sac, all the pictures are on Emily's camera so I'll post them once I get them from her :)
The Edmondsons: Kevin, Kristi, Ty & Ava

Walt, Em & AJ

Megan with Ty & Ava

AJ, watching this kid eat is entertainment!!!

Todd & Tara in their new home

Walt, Em, Megan & Bryan
I wasn't the best photographer this time, so I don't have as much to share! Mike & Lisa were with us too :) Thanks to our Sac friends for having us come visit & hanging out! We love you all so much. & a special thanks to Todd & Tara for letting us stay with them!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Baby's Room - 1st Glimpse

So this week I painted the baby's room! It's very bright and very boy! I love the circles & colors, it already seems like such a happy place! And SO much better than the baby blue sheep room we had before (refer to pictures from when we moved in :)

Monday, June 09, 2008

Berkley at the Park

So, I finally brought the camera with us when we took Berkley to the park. He's such a goof when he plays fetch. He always finds a patch of the tallest grass when he's done and totally sprawls out to cool off. He even does this when there's snow on the ground!
Patiently awaiting the ball...

The Cool Down

Another Belly Pic', week 22

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