Thursday, June 19, 2008


We took a long weekend and visited friends in Sacramento. It was fun to see the nephews, Ty & AJ and our new niece Ava. I also had my first baby shower with my girlfriends in Sac, all the pictures are on Emily's camera so I'll post them once I get them from her :)
The Edmondsons: Kevin, Kristi, Ty & Ava

Walt, Em & AJ

Megan with Ty & Ava

AJ, watching this kid eat is entertainment!!!

Todd & Tara in their new home

Walt, Em, Megan & Bryan
I wasn't the best photographer this time, so I don't have as much to share! Mike & Lisa were with us too :) Thanks to our Sac friends for having us come visit & hanging out! We love you all so much. & a special thanks to Todd & Tara for letting us stay with them!

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Kevin & Amy said...

How fun to see pics! The kids are growing up! We need to get out there some time. Only it would be weird b/c you guys wouldn't be there. We'll have to coordinate a trip some time. That would be fun. :)

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