Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 08'

We celebrated Grady's 1st Christmas this year!
My parents came down from Montana, and my brother flew in from LA.
We had a great time with family relaxing and playing games!
Our Christmas tree.

Bryan's Grandparents made DVD's of all their childhood home videos for all their grandkids! What a cool gift!

Grandpa Close and Grady

Grady with Gram and Grandpa

Our little family

Grady and Uncle Ryan

Opening Grady's gift stash!

He looks so interested, huh?

Mama and her babies

In his Christmas pj's, ready for bed!

Christmas morning!

Waking up!

Super smiley!

Dad showcasing Grady's stocking gifts from Santa

Cute, aint he?

Uncle Ryan feeding Grady.
Uncle Ryan was a great help and had lots of fun spending time with baby Grady.

Gram and Grady

Bryan, Megan, Mom & Dad

Ryan, Megan, Mom & Dad

Hoping the Broncos would win....so sad they did not!
But I'm still all smiles!

Cutie patootie


clint.croft said...

I just love all of these pictures!! I am so glad everyone got there safely!! Looks like you all had a great time!

Erin said...

Grady is getting so big Megan! Can't wait to see you both at MOPS.

Ashley DeMille said...

what a sweet baby! Don't you just love them?

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