Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hiking at Red Rocks

Tuesday we went hiking at Red Rocks with our friends Michelle and MaKenna. It was our first hike with a group called Colorado Mountain Mamas. Grady was so happy to be outside! It was almost 70 degrees! He is getting so heavy for the baby bjorn, so I'm hoping he'll be sitting up soon so we can transfer him to the backpack!!!
Red Rocks is beautiful, all the rock formations are natural and breathtaking!

At the end of the hike there were 67 stairs to climb! Grady crashed about half-way through the hike, so I was carrying ~20 lbs of deadweight! He was totally drooling and snoring!

With Michelle and MaKenna

Grady's 1st Trip...

This past weekend we went to our friend's cabin in Buena Vista. We went snowshoeing with Grady and Berkley. Berkley had a blast and was totally wore out by the end of the weekend - he even forgot about dinner - we had to remind him! Grady did great. He took really great naps and seemed to enjoy being outside even though he fell asleep again Daddy's chest once we got going! It was a fun family outing :)

Berkley always has to find the biggest stick...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jungle Gym

Grady playing in his favorite...his jungle gym!

Eating Rice Cereal

Here are some pictures to go along with the audio! He's starting to really like the cereal now. He wasn't too sure at first! Now he tries to face-plant into the spoon and "mmm's" the whole time!

Sorry the video is really really dark! But I'll do another one w/ better lighting later...

Saturday, February 07, 2009

4 months old!

On February 3rd Grady turned 4 months old! He weighs 16lb, 13oz and is 26" long. He's in the 87th percentile for weight and height! He's a big boy. He's smiling lots and laughing. He's such a joy and so much fun to watch and play with!
Grady is 4 months old!

On Thursday my friend, Michelle, and her daughter, MaKenna, went for a walk with us. Before we left the kids played under Grady's gym together. They even held hands, so cute!

the next day....not so happy, but pretty hilarious!

Such a sweet boy

Grady and Daddy

Such a sweetie

Out for a Walk

It's been so beautiful this week! We went for several walks and it was nice to get out of the house. It was a little cloudy and chillier today, but we had fun nonetheless.
Berkley always finds a big stick! and runs around like a crazy dog.

Pushing Grady in the stroller

Grady takes in all the surroundings,
he seems to calm down immediately outdoors.

Truckin' along

More Grady!

Grady's dragon outfit from Grandma Gale

Farmer Grady - I just love these overalls!

So sweet after a bath

Goofy face

Really goofy face...if you look really close you can see Grady's faux-hawk!

Such a stud!

Dryin off after a bath!

In my onesie with Cabby, Berkley and Oscar on it!
Mommy made it for me!

Playing with Dad and Berkley

The lip

Mommy and Grady

In our football gear for the superbowl!

All smiles

Grady's new toys

A friend lent Grady her kids jumperoo, Grady doesn't jump in it yet, but he likes moving his feet around and playing with the toys on it.

Not really a new toy...but definitely his favorite

Grady's getting more and more used to his bebe pod chair...

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