Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Grady in Pictures

Grady is growing by leaps and bounds! He is now eating oatmeal everday with banana. He really likes the banana! He's eating a big helping of milk 4 times a day which makes scheduling much easier to get out and about! He's loving the nursery at church and has many of the girls in there under his spell! We can't believe he's almost 6 months old!!
Here's Grady in his MSU Bobcat uniform!
He's an official member of the crawling team :)
Except not crawling....go bobcats!
He's always got his fingers in his mouth!
We can see the teeth, they just haven't made their way up yet!

Grandma Gale came to visit this past weekend,
Grady had a fun time showing her how much he can giggle!

Grady rolled over for the first time last Thursday, but has decided not to do it again, so we just keep practicing tummy time. At least he's starting to like it more & he can do a good baby cobra :)


More tummy time

Outside on a walk with Mom at the Denver Botanical Gardens

Look how cute he is!

Surprised face!

Reading Dr. Suess books on my tummy!

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