Friday, April 24, 2009

Fixin' up the Bathroom

In an effort to update our home from the "Era of Oak" I have begun refinishing all our cabinets. I started with our bathroom cabinets before tackling the kitchen. I think it turned out quite well! The blue color used for the stencil coordinates with the wall color in the master bath and looks great! It is very fresh and clean looking.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A trip to the Zoo...

Tuesday we went to the Denver Zoo with some of my girlfriends and their kiddos. It was a beautiful day. We got some sun & vitamin D for sure! Grady enjoyed being outside, but wasn't so sure about seeing the animals, he didn't seem to notice them, but they did notice him, or at least one giraffe did. Near the end Grady was tuckered out and making lots of noise, and a giraffe came over to see what all his fuss was about!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Montanan Easter

We went back to Montana for Easter. It was the first time Grady had been to Montana and the first time our grandparents had met Grady! It was fun to see everyone interact with Grady. And fun to see the little guy with his multiple Easter baskets!
Playing on my bunny blanket from when I was little

with Aunt Ginny

hanging out with my cousin's kiddos, Kaitlyn, Colton & Wyatt

with Auntie Lisa

with his Great-Nana

After church on Easter with Gram & Grandpa Close

Grady adores his new puppy that looks just like a little Berkley!

Grady liked the celophane on the Easter basket best!

Asleep in Gram's arms

with Grandpa Close

meeting Great-Grandma Close

meeting Great-Grandpa Decker for the first time

chillin' with Aunt Lisa & Uncle Cliff

Aunt Ginny, Grandma Gale, & Aunt Lisa

Great-Grandma Barta & Grady

all smiles with Grandpa Close

Bathtime with Gram

The last of the snow...fingers crossed!!

This past week, we had a major blizzard! In April...ugh! But it was beautiful & we definitely needed the moisture. I had taken Grady to his 6 month appointment Friday morning and we stopped by Target to get some new toys to play inside while we watched the snow fall!
Grady got some new maracas that play music, count, tell colors and sing songs!

Our little snow bunny!

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