Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Montanan Easter

We went back to Montana for Easter. It was the first time Grady had been to Montana and the first time our grandparents had met Grady! It was fun to see everyone interact with Grady. And fun to see the little guy with his multiple Easter baskets!
Playing on my bunny blanket from when I was little

with Aunt Ginny

hanging out with my cousin's kiddos, Kaitlyn, Colton & Wyatt

with Auntie Lisa

with his Great-Nana

After church on Easter with Gram & Grandpa Close

Grady adores his new puppy that looks just like a little Berkley!

Grady liked the celophane on the Easter basket best!

Asleep in Gram's arms

with Grandpa Close

meeting Great-Grandma Close

meeting Great-Grandpa Decker for the first time

chillin' with Aunt Lisa & Uncle Cliff

Aunt Ginny, Grandma Gale, & Aunt Lisa

Great-Grandma Barta & Grady

all smiles with Grandpa Close

Bathtime with Gram

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