Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bathtime Buddies

Sunday night we watched our friends' little boy, Blake. Both boys were kinda fussy after a long day, so we decided to give them a bath. It was so funny to watch them interact in the tub! Too cute.
Grady showing off his muscles... or his rubber ducky.

Sudsin' it up!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4th of July

We hung out with our friends Abby and Jasen on their boat the morning of the 4th. The guys and Jasen's sister were brave enough to wake-board in the chilly weather, but I opted for another, sunnier day.

Bryan wakeboarding

Asleep with phone in hand.

Later that evening we went to dinner at Que Bueno and walked over to City Park for the fireworks show. Grady oooh'd and ahhh'd at the fireworks, too cute!

This was one of my favorite family memories, snuggling under the fireworks together! Grady was loving all the cuddling from Mom and Dad!

Montana in July

Every July, Bryan goes on a golf trip with the guys on his Dad's side of the family. I went back to Montana this year with Grady to visit!

Grady and Grandma C

My puppy, Brazil. She's getting really old now, but she's still a good dog.

Pool Time!

I just love this picture!

Grady with Great Grandma C.

Grady with Uncle Ryan and me -
his shirt says "My Uncle is Single and I get my good looks from him" - ha, ha.
He does look a lot like Ryan.

Grady with my mom and dad.

Grady and Grandpa C.

Grady with my Grandpa Decker

Align CenterGGrady's new face that he decided to start the day before we left.
He scrunches up his nose and snorts. So silly.

Grady with Great Grandma Barta

Playing with Grandma Kreitzberg, he's having so much fun.

Grady and Great Grandpa Barta

Grady with Aunt Lisa

Such a silly boy!

Picking up chicks at Softies - Uncle Ryan and Grady

Me, Grady and Bryan's Nana

Our lil' cowboy

Snippets of June

OK - so I know I haven't updated in awhile! We have had a crazy busy June and beginning of July! We were a regular B&B for awhile :) Not that we're complaining about that! We love to have people visitors. But, here's a condensed version of our June happenings since I have so much to catch up on!

Here's our goofy boy

Goofing around with Dad and Mom.


The second weekend in June I went on the Women's Escape with our church. I had never been away from Grady and it was tough! But I had a great time with my girlfriends, and really enjoyed getting time to relax and not be at the feeding bell's beck and call all day! The retreat was in Breckenridge, CO, one of my favorite mountain towns! You can't help but see God everywhere you look, it's just so beautiful!

Me and my friend Jenn (Colorado Jenn :)

Our table

My friend, Julie and me

My friend, Steph and me

Jenn & me again.. in downtown Breck.


Sweet Boy

A nearby neighborhood hosts outdoor concerts once a month in the summer.
We decided to check one out. It was fun to walk over and chill on the grass listening to some good classic rock with our little family.

Bryan's brother, Scott visted us again this June on his way back to Kansas City.
Grady had lots of fun laughing with his goofy Uncle.

Hiking in Boulder

We went for a hike in Boulder, Grady's first hike in the backpack. He just looks so cute! We've had crazy amounts of rain and thunderstorms so hiking hasn't been as accessible this year, but we sure try! We all love it - and Grady is learning to :)


Grady and his friend, MaKenna at the park.
They were wispering about their mamas..

Our good friends, Walt & Em, and their little boy, AJ visted from Sacramento this summer! We were so thrilled to have them! We always have a blast when they visit and jam-pack our days with lots of sight-seeing and fun stuff!

Walt's favorite restaurant is Buffalo Wild Wings (it's top on Bryan's list too).
So we had to go there and order of a dizzying array of wings!

We went to Fort Collins one day so the guys could partake in the brew-fest and tour New Belgium Brewery. The guys had a blast - us girls felt a little out of place with our strollers in the midst of a beer festival, but we had fun, and even had a little taste ourselves!

Our church was having a parents night out and we took advantage of it to get a double-date in without the kiddos! We went to Carabba's and had a yummy meal complete with Sangria! It was so nice to chat and not have little ones interrupting our conversations! I can't remember the last time we had that with Walt & Em!

We snuck in a quick hike in Boulder after breakfast at Lucilles

Breakfast at Lucilles - the BEST breakfast in Colorado as far as we're concerned!

We also went to the Children's Museum! A great place for kids and so fun to watch them explore and learn new things! The fire truck was a huge hit with AJ!


Bryan's cousin, and my friend, Kristine visited too! (told you it was a busy month!)
This was her first time seeing Grady and they had lots of fun together!

Teaching Grady to walk, kind of!
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