Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Montana in July

Every July, Bryan goes on a golf trip with the guys on his Dad's side of the family. I went back to Montana this year with Grady to visit!

Grady and Grandma C

My puppy, Brazil. She's getting really old now, but she's still a good dog.

Pool Time!

I just love this picture!

Grady with Great Grandma C.

Grady with Uncle Ryan and me -
his shirt says "My Uncle is Single and I get my good looks from him" - ha, ha.
He does look a lot like Ryan.

Grady with my mom and dad.

Grady and Grandpa C.

Grady with my Grandpa Decker

Align CenterGGrady's new face that he decided to start the day before we left.
He scrunches up his nose and snorts. So silly.

Grady with Great Grandma Barta

Playing with Grandma Kreitzberg, he's having so much fun.

Grady and Great Grandpa Barta

Grady with Aunt Lisa

Such a silly boy!

Picking up chicks at Softies - Uncle Ryan and Grady

Me, Grady and Bryan's Nana

Our lil' cowboy

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The DeMille's said...

I think that little guy looks just like your brother! You are looking so cute after having your baby! I bet your parents are just loving that new little guy so much! We need to try to be in MT at the same time so we can see each other!

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