Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It's definitely summertime here at the Kreitzberg House. We've been enjoying our time outdoors, long walks and runs, hanging out at the pool and with friends.

We got a pass to the Bay waterpark this summer. Grady has enjoyed the water and hanging out on the grass for snacks. He loves to splash in the water and hang out with Mom. He's even gone under water a few times, and gets better at it every time!

Berkley loves summer. We've taken lots of runs to the open space near our house. He loves to play fetch in the pond, and loves to shake all that pond water over Grady and me when he gets out! He loves the water, and we love it because it tires our pooch out!! :)

Grady has decided that he LOVES raspberries and strawberries. He makes a red goey mess of red all over his tray, and when he can't pick them up because they're too slippery he tries to lean over and lick the tray! He has gotten really good at feeding himself, and prefers that and eating what Mom and Dad are eating rather than eating from a spoon. He's growing up so fast!

Grady and Berkley are buddies! Grady thinks Berkley is the best thing ever! He loves to get puppy kisses and loves to pet (grab) Berkley. Berkley is such a good dog, he's very patient with Grady.

Grady is trying to crawl, I snapped this at just he right moment. He can get up on all fours very unsteadily and then SPLAT! all fours go out from under him!

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