Thursday, September 17, 2009

Glenwood Springs - a break in Fall

This past weekend we were able to get away for a little family R&R to celebrate our 5 year anniversary! And boy did we need it! We went to Glenwood Springs, CO, a little mountain town about 40 miles from Aspen. The world largest hot springs pool is in Glenwood, which was part of the attraction! We had lots of yummy meals together, went on a few hikes and took in a lot of great scenery!

Here we are at the Italian Underground, a yummy family style Italian Restaurant.

Align CenterSwimming in the Hot Springs Pool with Grady

Our first morning we went on a bea-U-ti-ful hike to Hanging Lake!
It was one of our favorite hikes we've ever been on! It was great scenery with lots of waterfalls!

At the trailhead.

Grady loved looking at the water!

It was a steep hike! There were lots of stone staircases leading to the lake!

What a beautiful lake! It's very shallow and looks almost tropical!

At the top!

Above the lake there are these amazing waterfalls, we hiked around them and got wet!

Hangin' with Dad.

Up above the lake!

I took a turn with Grady on my back! Glad I didn't have to do the whole hike with him there, he's a hefty little fella! (That's what strong daddy's are for :)

A break on the grass after our hike, so Grady can move!!

For lunch we found this awesome BBQ joint! SO good!

At the Bed & Breakfast! Watching some Notre Dame football and getting ready for a nap!

Goofy Boy!

We went to dinner at a really nice place in Carbondale, called Six89.
One of the best meals we've had in a long time!

On Sunday we went to the Maroon Bells! This is the most photographed mountain area in the US. So of course, we had to take photos!

During Grady's naps at the B&B, I knitted us some hats! Aren't we cute?

On our last morning we hiked to Doc Holliday's grave. Someone told us it was a walk -- well not with a stroller it's not! It was quite the push to get that baby up the hill!

Doc Holiday's Grave.

What a fun trip!


Grady crawling! He makes the cutest noise when he crawls!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

August Recap

Wow! August went by really fast! I can't believe we're already half way through September!! Here's a recap of August, with a short video of Grady "feeding" Bryan. He's sure growing like a weed, and has already changed since these pictures...more will be soon to follow of course! ;)

Grady in his "Daddy's sidekick" pj's

Surfer dude at our friend's house for Blake's Birthday Party!

Our little family. Sure wish those were real waves we could catch! :)

Bryan's Mom with Grady and Bryan.
Grandma Gale came to visit Grady at the end of August for a quick weekend.
Grady had lots of fun!

Grady and Grandma Gale - all smiles!

Feeding Daddy - too cute!
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