Sunday, October 11, 2009

Grady is 1 Year Old!!!

Grady one year ago.

Wow! This past year has gone by SO fast! Grady turned a year old on October 3rd! He has been such a joy to us, and filled the last year with the best memories and our lives with meaning, wonderment and laughter! It has been so fun to watch him grow and see him learn new things! We are so blessed to have you Grady and we look forward to all the years ahead of you! We love you.

Bryan's parents and his brother, Scott, were in town for Grady's birthday! We started of the day with pictures (those will follow at a later date). Grady got a big gooey sucker at the end of pictures and would not let go of it until we got home and the sugar started to wear on him!

We went to the pumpkin patch after lunchtime to get our Halloween pumpkins. We took Grady there last year a week after we got out of the hospital. He was much smaller then!!

Megan, Grady and Scott

Scott and Bryan

Grandpa and Grandma Kreitzberg and Grady

Grady and Uncle Scott

Looking at the animals

They have a great kids area with animals and a mini corn maze, Grady crawled around on the dirt and tried to eat some hay.

All of us

Our little family

Opening gifts, Grady was totally spoiled with toys, toys, toys. My house is completely overrun with toys!!! And of course he would love nothing more than to play with my toys (library books, water, design projects, you name it that's what he wants.)

I made Grady's 'Happy Birthday' sign.

Grady's Birthday Cake! I decorated it with fruit roll ups.

Yum! I like this stuff mom, why haven't I had cake before?!

We also had mango banana sorbet, Grady LOVED it! He loves ice cream!

Uncle Scott diving in!

Mom dishin' up!

the proud Grandparents.

All messy, and oh so happy!

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