Monday, November 09, 2009


We were so grateful for the chance to go to Sacramento to see our friends! There were babies to meet and of course hang-out time to be had. We even were able to get some of our favorite food! Fats, In-N-Out, and Chicago Fire Pizza! Thanks guys for getting all together so we could see you all in one spot!!

Ava, the last time we saw her she was 2 months old!

Emily and AJ

Todd and Lauren

Lisa and Adam

Bryan & Megan

Ava and Grady playing

Kevin and Bryan

Emily, Megan & Kristi

Grady playing at the park!

Grady playing with the big boys!

Ty and AJ in the bath
Two of my very favorite boys! I can't believe they're so big!!!

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Amy K said...

Megan, thanks for posting all these. It's been waaaayyy too long since we've been to Sac. Looking at all these pictures makes me just smile and smile. Such wonderful people and wonderful memories. :)

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