Monday, November 09, 2009

San Francisco and Sea Lions

Bryan got a call a few weeks ago from his boss requesting him to come to San Francisco for business...normally we don't like his business trips, nor are we able to come along. But a trip to our old stomping grounds and a chance to see friends was a definite yes!

While Bryan was working Grady and I walked around the city. Grady saw the ocean for the first time. He loved the sea lions, he just giggled at them and smiled.

Grady needed to stretch his legs, so he crawled around the bench on the pier.

We ate lunch at Boudin - Grady liked the clam chowder and sourdough bread.

peering at some more sea lions

I love the details on things as functional as a trash can in an old city. Trash cans can be charming...

Walking along the Embarcadero

Chocolate this way!

The E*Trade building in downtown SF.

Macy's in SF. I ate lunch here at the Cheesecake Factory with Kevin and Kristi when they came to pick the three of us up and take us to Sacramento for the weekend!

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