Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Three Cups of Tea & Visioneering

Recently, I joined a book club! Yeah!!! I've been wanting to do this for quite some time, but haven't found one to join. My friend, Erin, invited me to join hers and our first meeting was last night! It was so great to have an intellectually stimulating conversation that did not revolve around kids.

The first book we read was Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. This book is amazing on so may levels. Greg Mortenson was a climber who had a failed attempt at K2 back in the early 90's. On his way back down the mountain he was taken in by a small Pakistani village chief when he lost his way. He discovered that the villages of Pakistan had no schools for their children. Long story short, through many trials and tribulations he started the Central Asia Institute and has now built over 100 schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Their mission is to educate children, especially girls and change their future through that education. The kindness of this lone American has turned many kids away from the Taliban and has helped many Pakistanis and Afghans educate themselves beyond the ignorance that the Taliban teaches.

Reading this book, I learned that the CAI was operates out of Bozeman, MT. It is amazing to me to think that when 9/11 was going on and Bryan and I were in school at MSU this little organization was operating just a few blocks from where we were living. Even more to connect us to this story, is that Bryan's track coach Tom Eitel's wife was one of the main photographers that traveled with Mortenson from 2007-2008, before she died in October 2008 (please pray for her family Tom and their two kids). What a small world!

In our small group at Foothills Community we are reading through a book called Visioneering, written by Andy Stanley. It's about realizing your God-given vision and the steps you need to take (or not take) to carry out that vision. Reading these two books together has me praying for opportunities for God to show me his vision/destiny for my life and to take action. I may not travel to Pakistan and build schools, but I know God has something big in store for me and my little family, so I am on the lookout. Going through life just trying to get by gets boring. Start praying for opportunities for God to use you -- then when they arrive you'll be able to see them!

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