Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Every October around Halloween our church hosts a 'Trunk-or-Treat.' It's a fun time for kids and parents. This was Grady's first time and he didn't really get the jist of it, plus he doesn't know what candy is yet (thankfully!), but I think next year he will love it! My MOPS group does a bake sale for it every year, so we dropped off baked goodies and enjoyed seeing everyone in their costumes. Bryan and I went as Ex-Broncos (that's why there's an 'x' under my eyes instead of the usual paint). It was too cold for Fred and Wilma that night!! Grady was a dragon for the 3rd time this month!

Grady with his friend, Hayden (isn't she cute!?!). They were hilarious, they looked at each other like, 'why did you wear that?'

Making a break for it!

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Anonymous said...

SO adorable! Look at him on the loose!!!

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