Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December Snapshots

Merry Christmas! This will be my last post before Christmas, since my parents are arriving from Montana tomorrow! We have had one busy December! We've taken a few pictures, but been a little under the weather. Grady came down with a double ear infection last Friday, so we're finally getting over that and taking way more antibiotics than I want him too...what can you do?!

Our sweet boy.

We went to Boulder for their Parade of Lights this year with our friends Jasen, Abby & their little boy, Blake. It's much smaller and more home-town feeling than the Denver one. I can actually see the floats :)It was pretty cold, but the boys enjoyed it for awhile.

December was full of little parties and celebrations too. The first one, was our MOPS leadership Christmas party. It was fun to have some girl time.

Two of my good friends, Brittany & Erin and me.

The yummy chocolate fondue.


I have baked more this December than I can ever remember. I had a cookie exchange with some of my girls from MOPS, baked several of our favorites and had a baking day with my Aunt Colleen in Loveland. These are Special K bars, one of Bryan's favorites.


We've been going through an advent calendar and book with Grady. He loves opening these little boxes, looking at the little papers like he's reading them. Each paper in each box has a different part of the Christmas story and we have a nativity sticker set that we use to act them out. So if on December 4th is says, "a cow was in the stable with baby Jesus" we put a cow sticker on the nativity paper. Of course he doesn't understand it completely, but he loves doing it!


We had several very COLD days, Grady would pass out in the car all bundled up!


I started watching my friend's little boy (& Grady's best buddy), Blake on Wednesdays. The boys are having fun together and enjoy playing with each other a lot!

My girlfriend, Brittany just had her baby this past weekend on December 19th! Earlier this month we had a surprise baby shower brunch for her!

Are these not the cutest little baby booties you've ever seen?! One of my friends made these for her, I have started knitting and am definitely going to learn to do that!!

More friends, Kyrie & Emily.

My good friend, Erin & me.


Naked Grady (almost) and Daddy goofing around before bathtime!

Grady has become a major cuddler this past month. I think it's because he hasn't felt so well, but if there's an upside to a sick little one this is it! I love his hugs and kisses :)

We had our small group's Christmas Party this past weekend. We had a fun secret santa and white elephant gift exchange. Here's the whole group:

Grady's first kiss....our friend's little girl Mackenna


Grady is OBSESSED with the Christmas tree! His favorite question these days is "OOOOOoooh whatsthaaaaaaaa" (oooo, what's that?) and he's usually always pointing to the Christmas tree!

This is how Grady feels about his ear infections the past month! Not fun...but hopefully the current course of antibiotics does the trick and we'll be good from here on out!!


We hope you have a very Merry Christmas with time spent with family and/or friends. May the spirit of the season and the grace and love of God give you peace and joy! Love,

The Kreitzbergs
bryan - megan - & grady

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