Thursday, January 28, 2010


We're pregnant! I've been waiting to post until we had an ultrasound picture. We found out on New Years Eve while we were in Montana! We are so excited to have baby k#2 on the way. My official due date is September 6th!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

New Years in God's Country (Montana)

We went home the week after Christmas to celebrate New Years with family and see some friends! We met our friends, the Michaels and the McManamens at Old Chicago for lunch! It wasn't near enough time to catch up and meet little ones, but it was fun to see them and plan an April trip to Vegas with our little ones to lounge in the pool!

Grady is the king of silly these days, he loves to make people laugh and he's a BIG flirt! Holy cow, he's just a crack-up!

James, Becca & Madilyn Michael

Stacey, Matt & Abbi McManamen

Our cousins, and friends, Michelle, Kristine and Grady

Grandma gave me an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, how come you don't give me these mom?!

Crawling over Daddy. Grady loves doing this now to either of us, he crawls over us, sometimes almost vaults over us and giggles and laughs!

If you ever wonder where he gets his sillies from, just remember this picture!

Goofing with Grandpa C.

Grady with Grandpa Roy and Grandma Ronda

Grady with his great-grandparents (barta).

Saying good-bye to grandmas and grandpas.

Grady with his great-nana

Grady had bathtime every night. Grandma Gale got him a bath tub basketball hoop and balls, and I cannot believe we don't have pictures of that! He had a crowd cheering him on to dunk every night! (send me pictures everyone else who was taking them!)

Grady with his Grandma Gale and Grandpa Jeff

Christmas Sledding at the Park!

Christmas morning we headed to the park for Grady's first sled ride! I pulled him to the park and Bryan pushed him down the hill! He had a blast. He'd giggle on his way down! Watch the video at the end!

All bundled up!

Ready to go!


That was fun!

A Colorado Christmas

We had another cozy, very WHITE, Colorado Christmas this year! My parents came down again this year and my brother flew in from LA. Grady even dressed up for the occasion!

Grady's Christmas present from Mom and Dad, a new sled!

A robot puppy from Uncle Ryan.

I bought both of our parents a scrapbook album, to fill with pages I send them periodically.

Our little family on Christmas Eve.

Uncle Ryan and Grady

Mom & Dad - a good picture!

Grady with his Daddy.

Grady and us. His PJ's for Christmas are SO cute!

On Christmas morning Grady woke up to find a tent and a tunnel that Grandma Barta gave him all set up in the dining room!
(crazy eyes!)

My Dad built me the creche for my Willow Tree nativity set! He did a great job!

Grady and Mama in our PJ's Christmas morning opening stockings.

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