Friday, March 12, 2010

What Grady's Up to These Days...

Words I'm saying:

  • tooth
  • brush
  • mouth
  • ball (by far the most said word :)
  • dog
  • dad
  • mom
  • shoe
  • what's this or this
  • done
  • please
  • bye

What I'm doing:

  • I can point to my: belly, head, ear, mouth, teeth, nose, feet and eye when mommy or daddy asks
  • I like to sing in the car
  • playing with balls, balls, balls and cars
  • getting books out of my bookcase and asking mom to read them for me
  • putting puzzles and shape sorters together
  • turning the TV on and off...our tv has the BIGGEST on/off button ever, so fun!
  • tackling Berkley
  • eating of a big boy plate
  • blowing kisses
  • giving hugs
  • waving bye
  • walking from the car into stores/church/home when I hold mommy's hand

My favorites:

  • balls
  • sesame street (murray the monster and elmo are the best)
  • guacamole!
  • cheese
  • playing at the park
  • my pets
  • making people laugh
  • bath time/naked time

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