Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter, Easter, is Here!

We hope you had a blessed Easter! We are so blessed as a family and blessed to by our Redeemer and Savior, Christ! We are so thankful that there was a Sunday morning and the story didn't end on Friday!!

Wow! What an Easter. Grady died his first Easter Eggs...more like threw them in the dye splashing dye all over him and mama! He thinks eggs are balls, so all we heard all weekend was "ball, ball, ball!"

Grady also had Resurrection eggs that I made at MOPS. They each have a little item and verse inside that tell the story of the last week of Jesus on earth. Egg number 12 doesn't have anything in it because the tomb was empty!!

Daddy modeling Grady's Easter Basket ...spoiled boy!

Excited about eggs!

The chocolate bunny Grandma Gale gave Grady....mmm chocolate!

Sitting in the Easter basket Grandma and Grandpa Close brought Grady! He was spoiled with lots of summer clothes and new monkey swim trunks!!!

Ready to hunt Easter Eggs.

I'd like to open as we go please...

Our little family...Grady would rather run around than be held for pictures.

Grandma and Grandpa Close and Grady. They came down from Montana to celebrate with us and see Grady. We had lots of fun, but it was too short!

goofing around with Grandpa

The first belly shot for baby K#2

Carving up the turkey

Berkley would like some too...

Easter cookies

Easter dinner! We had friends over for a dessert of carrot cake, cookies and brownies! We had our sugar fix and then some!

Goofing around with Daddy! The best way to end a day...

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Ashley DeMille said...

I bet your parents are just loving your little guy! Your belly looks so cute! I am getting so excited to find out what we are having! I get to find out in 3 weeks! Are you going to find out???

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