Monday, April 05, 2010


E*Trade awarded Bryan with a very prestigious 'Circle of Excellence' award for his performance in 2009. As a reward, both of us were flown out to Scottsdale, AZ for a mini vacation and awards dinner. Bryan's mom watched Grady for us so that I could go too. It was great to have some couple time, although we both said we could have used a few more days!!!

The day we got in we walked to Old Town Scottsdale and ate at a Southwest Cafe; Cafe Carumba. It was delicious!!

E*Trade had a box seat for a spring training game between the Oakland A's and the SF Giants. Bryan was randomnly selected to go down on the field and meet a few players.

One afternoon we ventured back to Old Town to a local hangout, the Sugar Bowl. It's a 1950's ice cream parlor that's been there since the 50's. It was the perfect treat for a warm afternoon!

If we go to Scottsdale again, we want to go to the botanical gardens there to see more cactus! They were crazy and beautiful -- much different than our Colorado landscape.

Here's Bryan accepting his award. One of his bosses talked about his accomplishments and successes over the past year and threw in plenty of funny anecdotes to go along! He was one of only 30 people to be selected for this award out of 4000 E*Trade employees - WOW! I'm proud of you babe!!

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Amy K said...

Congrats to Bryan! You should be proud--that's awesome.

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