Monday, April 05, 2010

Vegas...with kids

At the end of March we went to Las Vegas and met up with some of Bryan's old high school buddies and their families. Our friends, Pat and Amanda, live outside of Vegas and have 2 kiddos so we figured we'd go there before the rest of us get to kid#2!

For the record, Grady hates airports and planes, but he's a pretty good sport! Now that he's walking and running he'd much rather do that than sit on Mommy's lap for multiple hours!

All the other kids are girls, except baby Tyler, so Grady was surrounded by pink, princesses and baby dolls! He wasn't quite sure what to make of it (what, no balls?!) but he had a great time.

He took the stroller for a few spins.... hey at least it has wheels, right?!

We had breakfast at the House of Blues our first morning there. Breakfast was over just in time for this:

Here's Grady getting a better view of the lions at the MGM Grand Hotel! He was say "Raaaaaa" (for 'roar'). He thought the lions were pretty cool. We got to see some baby cub lions too, but Grady was more interested in their toys - "ball, ball, ball!"

We went to M&M world before lunch! Grady was amazed at all those different M&M's!

We walked through the M&M museum and Grady was fascinated with the different colorful exhibits. We also saw the 3D M&M movie, which was fun for him even if he didn't want to wear his glasses!

For lunch we ate at the Rainforest Cafe - a huge hit with the kids! They have different animals that move around and make noises at various times. Grady had several stare-downs with the gorilla during our meal!

On Saturday night our friend's cousins watched the kiddos so us adults could go out for a nice dinner and stay out a little later. We went to a great Steakhouse and went bowling afterward!

Here are all the guys and their kiddos! It'd been crazy to know this when we were younger! But they've all grown into good daddies!

Our last hooray was touring the Shark Reef Aquarium at the Mandalay Bay! Grady loved looking at all the fishies and tried to pet a sting ray, but was more excited by splashing the water than the creatures inside of it!

We stayed at the Excalibur Hotel. Here's the castle from our hotel window. We had a great time and were thoroughly exhausted by the end of it!!

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