Friday, May 21, 2010

Bread - Pixie Dust - Sunshine

It's been a busy around the Kreitzberg Household! We wrapped up our MOPS year this past week, and now it seems like we've had some time to breath this week...just in time for a trip to Montana for Grady and me... a little sad to be leaving my husband for two weeks, especially to come back and have him leave for a work trip for the remaining week, but it will be good to see family and have some relax time with Grady. With the baby coming late this summer we aren't really taking any family vacation time.

I've been baking bread a lot lately....for my birthday I bought the book "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day." It's been fun to make my own pizza dough, and have fresh bread for dinner! Grady loves the bread. I'm still working on the pizza dough...we like thin crispy crust and that's hard to get! But it's cheaper than buying Pillsbury and I can control the ingredients! Speaking of which, I am doing my best to integrate organic ingredients into everything I cook and what we eat. It's something I've always appreciated, but not necessarily understood all the reasons why it's important. I've read about half of Jillian Michael's, "Master Your Metabolism," and since have started to integrate organic into baked goods (flour, sugar, etc) and especially in our fruits and vegetables. It tastes SO much better too, we especially love the organic strawberries. I have to really hunt for sales and be frugal with my grocery budget (nothing's changed there), but I'm getting it done with the same budget I used before. Plus I'm having fun making more of my own from scratch, bread, desserts, and ice cream (I made a to-die-for Salted Caramel Ice Cream from Cooking Light) in addition to the usual menu of items. I want to try homemade tortillas next!

We've also begun getting ready for our baby girl! My girlfriend, Abby, just had her baby, Kylie, the day before Mother's Day so it's hit home a little more that she will be arriving and 3 months isn't that long! Although, I'm sure I'll feel it is on some long hot days this summer. We picked out fabric, yarn and paint colors for the room. My mom is working her sewing magic on the crib bedding, I've knitted a cute little hat and am working on more hats and a blanket. My amazing hubby is painting for me while I'm gone, so I'll just have some finishing touches to do when I get back. I've received a few cute girl things that are waiting for her in the closet and meanwhile I'm trying to soak up as much Grady and me time as possible. I'm a little sad to have the time split between him and a new baby, but I know he'll be a good big brother and it will be fun.

The sun is finally out - hopefully for good - and we've been taking advantage of it! We've been walking a lot more, taking trips to the park, planting a veggie garden (tomatoes, spinach, spring salad mix, cucumbers, and herbs) and reading on the porch (just finished The Postmistress, and Push). I have pictures, but no time to download, edit, post, etc. so I'll work on that after I get back from Montana and have even more pictures to sort through!


Amy K said...

Ooh ooh! I'm trying that ice cream and SOON. That looks amazing.

And you look so great, by the way! You're probably in the third trimester by now, right? So exciting! :)

Megan said...

It's my favorite ice cream I've ever made! I love it!

The 3rd trimester is under way - yeah! Thanks for the compliment, I needed that!! :)

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