Sunday, June 20, 2010


My parents gave us a week in Vail as part of their time-share so we were able to get away just our little family after we'd been away from Daddy for SO long! It was a great and very relaxing trip. The first part of the week was very rainy but we made it outside whenever we could and spent a lot of time at the park.

Grady's new "I'm SO funny" face!

The Betty Ford Alpine Garden in Vail

The very cool park in Vail where we spent a lot of time.

The view from our condo, the river was right below us. We enjoyed taking Grady on walked to the river. He LOVED throwing pine cones and rocks into the water. "One, two, three, throw!" - except he just skipped to "three" repeatedly.

Back at the park

Dinner at Blue Moose Pizza in Lionshead Village. We tried to make it to a BBQ joint for dinner and it was pouring rain (you can't drive anywhere in the villages of Vail). By the time we found the place it was closed, so we happened upon this pizza parlor, it was very tasty and Grady learned a new animal - Moose!

The second half of the week was beautiful weather-wise. We had our friends Ken and Michelle and their little girl, MaKenna come up with us. The kids had a blast and broke in our new double stroller.

29 weeks! Only 11 more to go (or less I hope!)

The fountains in Vail Village - the kids LOVED it! It was a huge hit, we started fully clothed and ended up with just a diaper!

We ended the weekend in Frisco for a BBQ festival. It was a great finish to a very fun-filled week!

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