Monday, August 23, 2010

Maternity Photos

At the end of July we went to Standley Lake and had some family pictures taken. I had Maternity photos done with Grady, and figured my little girl would like some as well. They are much different than those with Grady, but they are fun. Grady is such a cutie in these too, even if he was a stinker during the photo shoot! Adrienne Schafer with Recap Photography took our photos. She is awesome!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Berry Patch Farms

Tuesday my MOPS group planned a group outing to Berry Patch Farms in Brighton, CO. Grady and I went and had a great time picking strawberries (Grady's favorite) with friends! I remember picking berries of all kinds when I was growing up in Washington State with my brother and those are some of my very favorite memories. Grady had a blast eating all the strawberries he could get in his mouth while I picked them as fast as I could and he's enjoyed eating strawberries all week since.

On the tractor on our way out to the field.

Picking berries with mama

Feeding berries to friend, MaKenna

I love strawberries!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's Official

Bryan has put in 5 long years of very hard work to earn the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. He passed his 3rd test a year ago and was waiting on one more year of work experience for qualification - and now he's officially a CFA charterholder! Go baby go :) We're proud of you!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Big{ger} Boy Room

Grady's Room has had a few updates with the baby arriving. We kept his furniture except the changing table moved to baby's room. He has a new reading chair, new drapes, a new bookcase and a new space plan with lots more space to play and read books!

Grady loves to read! He will pull book after book out and flip through the pages. I was able to move the bookcase with the extra room, because he'd read instead of sleep when it was right next to his crib!

Grady's bookshelf for even more books!

g for Grady

The Unveiling

I have had a multitude of projects in the making for baby k this summer! It's been fun to have a change of pace with some girly flair! I made both kiddos bookshelves for their room. Here's a tweet little birdy bookshelf for her...

I washed and dressed up Grady's cloth diaper burp clothes with some fun polka dot fabric

And of course did up the nursery! Bryan did an excellent job painting the room (can you believe it?!) - AND - he refinished the furniture (armoire and dresser). I helped with a little trim work on the paint and sanding on the furniture, and he did the rest. It looks absolutely beautiful. I'm so proud of my handyman.

I made some fun tissue paper pom poms for above the crib and changing table instead of a mobile.

The "tweet" bookshelf installed.

Lots of girly clothes

The armoire

The dresser

fun little details...

My mom made the crib bedding. It's gorgeous! I helped out a little, but thank goodness my mama is a sewer!

The glider moved on over to baby's room. My mom crocheted the beautiful blanket on the back of the glider.

A dear friend decorated this little "pretties" basket for baby's bows and other pretty things.

drawers are filled...

shabby little glass knobs on the furniture

Now we wait...
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