Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August....already? & finally!

Wow! This summer has gone by so fast...and so slow at the same time. We are anxiously awaiting baby k, but time has snuck by us quite quickly too! Grady is on the go all the time, so there's barely a moment to catch your breath. We've been very busy with company, various projects and summer fun too!

Uncle Ryan (my brother) visited at the beginning of August! Grady had an absolute blast with his Uncle Ry Ry, there will be more pictures to come once Ryan e-mails them to me :)

Grady has been enjoying all the summer fruit, and applesauce pancakes I've been making for breakfast!

And PB&J toast! My mom gave us all this homemade jam, and Grady likes to eat it and use it as body paint.

Taking walks in the evenings

Goofing around in general...we're really good at this!

Relaxing with Mama before bedtime.

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