Friday, October 01, 2010

Our Week

This was our first week after Lucy's arrival at home just the three of us...Me, Grady & Lucy - Wow, what a week! It's not technically over, but I am hoping that the rest of today is uneventful enough that I have absolutely nothing to add to this report...

Went to the ear/nose/throat doc to have Lucy's tongue-tie clipped, she had a pretty severe tongue tie and we decided to take care of it now to ease nursing and to avoid general anesthesia later on. Afterward I had to nurse her with a totally bloody mouth, so needless to say - blood all over Lucy, blood all over mama and when she spit up later, blood everywhere! All while Grady is incessantly chanting "snack, snack, snack!!"

For some reason I decided to follow up the appointment with a stop at the grocery store...craziness. Much, much more complicated with two.

MOPS day, my first MOPS of the year. I am the creative activities director this year (aka crafts). Luckily we did not have anything creative planned today, because I barely made it on time for the meeting, let alone "on-time" for leadership. I really love my table this year. I have a mentor mom who is awesome and I have been wanting to have for the last couple of years. The girls seem really great and open, and a friend I've been wanting to get to know more is at my table, so that's really exciting!

We stayed home and did nothing. I even got a little nap in, which is a rarity these days!

My dear friend, Julie, picked up Grady for the morning to play with her kids. Lucy and I hung out for awhile, I did some much needed cleaning and went to Target to get a few things for Grady's birthday. I should have napped...but of course I didn't...which was unfortunate since last night Lucy was up for 2-1/2 hours straight eating and crying. Finally I let her cry for 10 minutes or so and she fell to sleep and stayed asleep until 7am.

Oh, and Grady's become quite the escape artist. We have doorknob locks on the pantry (he brought me everything from marshmallows to raw spaghetti for a snack), inside his room, the sliding glass door and the garage door. Yesterday he decided to sneak out the garage instead of following mama to his room, by the time I caught him he was two houses away, thankfully on the sidewalk. So now we have a doorknob lock, the garage is always closed, and the door is dead bolted!

We decided to meet a friend at the park with her two kids, one of which is Grady's best buddy. We played at the park for awhile and I gave Grady his lunch. Halfway through his PB&J he comes running to me screaming with his tongue out. He'd been bitten by a hornet on his tongue! His tongue was all swollen and bright red. He's not allergic, thankfully, but we did spend the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon in urgent care. It was chaotic consoling Grady, nursing Lucy and cleaning up a major blowout diaper for Lucy with only two wipes and no change of clothes...ahhhh. Grady's taking benadryl and steroids. I've never seen the little guy so upset, but thankfully the benadryl made him extra sleepy so he should take a good long nap.

I feel tired just thinking about this week! And I suppose I am, I do have a newborn and a two-year old after all! Such is the life! Thank goodness my sweet mentor mom just dropped of dinner!


Ken and Michelle said...

Wow! is all I can say. And, I think you are super mom. That was A LOT for one week. Way to jump in with both feet. I like your new blog name too. It's fun.

Joyful Momma said...

That is a BIG week!! You are one super mom. I have to admit though, after reading makes me question my abilities to have two young babies.
Blessings Friend

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