Sunday, November 14, 2010

Halloween {belated photos}

I finally decided to post the few Halloween photos we have from this year.  I kept holding out thinking our camera would show up, that some kind soul would turn it in, but alas it didn't happen.  Luckily we had an old camera I found just in time for trick-or-treating on Halloween.  It was Grady's first year trick-or-treating.  We made it to about 6 houses in our neighborhood.  He was the cutest little cowboy you've ever seen!  When he'd knock on the doors he wouldn't say anything, he just tried to go inside everyone's house! HA, it was SO funny.  Most of the people were good sports, this house below however shut the door on him -thus the LONG look!  By the end he had the hang of it...we'll work on actually saying "trick-or-treat" next year!

 The lady in this house is our 'resident liberal' in our neighborhood.  We only call her that because she has every single democratic political sign possible in her yard and windows.  She's apparently very in to Halloween as she scared the crap out of Grady when she reached through the screen door dressed as a witch! She also scolded Bryan for standing up near the door with the kids..that made me laugh!

 Lucy didn't have a costume per se, but she was pretty cute in her Halloween tutu.  

I so wish I could post the pictures from trunk-or-treat at our church, but those were on our lost camera!  Oh well, memories will suffice ;)

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