Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Some Catching Up To Do

December was a busy month for us...

Of course the pictures never load in sequence...

We will remember Christmas 2010 as the day Grady became obsessed with trains.  We went to look at lights and saw two houses with complete train sets lit up, Grady went nuts when we had to leave, and not in the good way.  He was kicking and screaming, bawling like life was over when we had to leave...at each house.  It was not the 'silent night' we pictured, but it was definitely memorable!

We also went to the Hammond's Candy Cane Festival.  We went a train ride and a horse drawn carriage, Grady decorated a gingerbread cookie, and of course we got some very yummy lollipops for our stockings!

 Grady's had his very first Christmas Program at MOPS - he didn't sing or do the motions...he's the youngest in the class, but he did look pretty cute :)

 We went to Bryan's work Holiday Party and had a fabulous dinner and then went to a Neil Diamond cover band.  It was a lot of fun and our first night out without the kiddos since Lucy was born (long overdue!).

 Grady continues to dote on his little sister with hugs and kisses and talking in the squeakiest baby voice you've ever heard when he talks to her. He just lights up when she's in the room.

 Grady is very curious and always getting into something...

 More hugs...Lucy is almost 4 months old now!

 Bryan's family visited the weekend before Christmas.  We had a great time seeing them and having Lisa and Scott meet their new little niece.  We finally got to meet Scott's girlfriend, Jessica, and we LOVE her!  Don't mess this one up Scottie :)

 Grady with Auntie Lisa

 Dinosaurs - Tiny & Buddy are his favorites.

 More kisses...

 Opening gifts...Grady was very good at it this year!

 His new train set was a hit!

 Bryan sporting his new IRISH sweats

 Our new PJ's

 A private sibling chat...

We hope you had a blessed Christmas!

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