Thursday, March 10, 2011


Grady has fallen in love with Curious George.  I must say, it suits him quite well.  He loves to read Curious George and he has a little monkey that his Great-Nana gave him that he calls George.  After watching the show a few times, he has taken to saying "hmmm" while thinking with his finger on his chin/lips like the picture of George above.  It cracks us up.  Grady is definitely in the curious-overdrive toddler mode.  He climbs everything, takes things apart, opens everything (he loves to 'empty' the dishwasher for me, handing me things and having me put them away).  This is a challenging, but very fun age.  I love watching him learn and the cute way he talks.  He asks "What's This?" multiple times a day.  

The cutest sheets at Pottery Barn kids....I'd love to get them for Grady's toddler bed, but $49 = ouch!  I think he'll survive without them. 

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