Thursday, March 03, 2011

My little boy...

Grady has been super sick this week.  He had a cough last week that seemed to be fading and made a giant comeback and then some this week.  Last night he asked to go to bed at 6pm - wowsers!  That's never happened.  He's been in bed before 7pm everynight this week, a good hour or so before normal.  Here's hoping it will pass soon!

Nonetheless, he's still having some pretty funny conversations with me.  Here's what Grady's saying now:

"What's that mama?"
"I wanna go outside!"
"Berpey, where are you?" (Berkley and improvement from 'baby')
"YooHoo Berpey!"
"I love you Mama, Daddy, whoever is on the phone ;)"
"I did it!"
"I funny"
"Feed her, you feed her?" (he thinks Lucy needs to eat constantly)
"Good Morning Lucy!"  (pronounced 'soosie')
"I jump, I jump!"
"I want bed/nap" (only when he's sick)
"I like fruit smoothie"
"Peanut Buuuter"  (for PB and 'regular' butter)
"Regular Milk"
"Fruit Leather" (he loves stretch island fruit leathers - they are the best snack for on-the-go and pure fruit, love them!)
"I wanna read a book Mama/Daddy"
"Let's pray"
"Pray for________"  (often dinosaur train or curious george, we try to remind him to thank God for those, and pray for people, haha!)
"Gonna see Cohen/Kenna?"
"ROOOOAAR" (much to Lucy's dismay, this is the only thing that scares the socks right of little mis')
"Mama gonna run?"
"Ride in the stroller"
and pretty much anything else you say he'll repeat back to you

One not so good experience with that...*if bodily functions of little ones gross you out, don't read further :)*

Around Christmas I was changing Grady's diaper and he kept wanting to figure out what things were, he poked his anus (the term I should have told him) and I said "You don't touch that Grady, it's your butthole and we don't touch that."   His response "butt-HOLE."  I think he told anyone who changed his diaper what that was...oh well, live and learn!

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