Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Spring Wishlist...

Because it's always fun to share fun stuff, wishes and such.

These Cute Flip Flops from Eddie Bauer, because all that preggo weight really did a number of my flip flops I wore every single day last spring/summer.  They had to be tossed in the trash, not even worthy of giving to Goodwill.

Pretty much the entire spring line from Eddie their stuff!
Vibram Five Fingers Running 'shoes.'  I actually tried these on...and liked them.  They have odd sizing...for example I'm  a size 39.  I've read a lot about barefoot running and its benefits, so these would be so fun to experiment with, plus I'm training for a mini-triathalon, so these would be fun to test out for that too.

Allium Garden Wreath...spring needs a good wreath.


A Vitamix Blender...cuz they're awesome.

This cozy pillow

A swimsuit for my triathalon

And finally..doesn't this bedding look scrumptious?  I want to dive in a take a long nap!!

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Robyn said...

Hey Megan. Hope you all are great. Happy Mother's day :) I wanted to tell you I have the Vibrams and adore them. I use them only for shorter runs, but they really are helping to strengthen my ankles and other muscles that I don't use in regular, cushioned sneakers.

Happy Spring!

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