Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a fun, and laid back Easter this year.  Grady had fun discovering his Easter basket - he loved his 'Armor guys' (army guys) from Toy Story and books from Nana.

 Lucy got a cute new hat, shirt and some fun books.

 We had Easter dinner at my Aunt Colleen's house, and Grady LOVED hunting for eggs, especially when he figured out that there was candy in them! ;)

 Lucy is sitting up for brief period of time now and trying with all her might to get up on all fours. 

 She's the cutest little thumb-sucker.

 Daddy says she laughs like bevus and butthead...hehehehehe.  I'd say it's a lot cuter coming from her ;)

 I got an egg Mom!  Look - an egg!

Friends Visit

Our friends Kevin & Kristi from Sacramento surprised us with a visit last week. We had fun hanging out with our kids going to the Zoo and the Children's Museum.  The boys went to a Rockies v. Giants game one night and we spent an afternoon in Boulder as well.  It was pretty laid back, but we had a great time.  I used to watch Ty when he was just a baby and now he's 6 years old!!! Crazy how time flies.  Ava is 6 months older than Grady.  Grady thought Ty was the coolest!!

 My handsome boys

 Shopping with Ava


 Kristi and Lucy

 Children's Museum  - Bubble Experiments

 Grady is wishing for an acordian - they have a super cool one at this toy store in Boulder.

 The gorgeous tulips in Boulder - me with all the kids.

 me and my little man

 Crazy hats - me and Ty

Scrumptious Photos

In March the kids had their pictures taken in Old Town Arvada by Linsey Wilt Photography 
Linsey was an A-mazing kid photographer, she was incredibly patient and had really good ideas for the kids.  Grady thought he was playing, not getting his photo taken ;)  They turned out amazing and I must say my kids are SO dang cute!! ;)

Quick to Speak

Maybe you guessed from my lack of posting in the past few weeks, but I was a little quick to speak about overcoming our illnesses...we ended up being in the depths for one more week and emerged just in time to have our friends Kevin & Kristi visit with their kids, Ty & Ava from Sacramento. Seems like we were in a bit of a black hole, but truth be told, it's kind of nice to be unplugged for awhile...without the sickness of course ;) But we'll take visiting friends anytime!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Emerging from the Depths

This week Grady, Lucy & I were really, really sick and we are finally turning the corner.  Grady had a double ear infection and upper respiratory infection, Lucy and I just had the upper respiratory infections.  It was definitely one of the toughest weeks I have had as a mom.  Grady had a high fever for several days and both him and Lucy were the whiniest I've ever heard them!  We watched Finding Nemo a total of 7 times to get us through, plus lots of juice and fruit.  Hopefully, Spring is here to stay and with it wellness! 
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