Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a fun, and laid back Easter this year.  Grady had fun discovering his Easter basket - he loved his 'Armor guys' (army guys) from Toy Story and books from Nana.

 Lucy got a cute new hat, shirt and some fun books.

 We had Easter dinner at my Aunt Colleen's house, and Grady LOVED hunting for eggs, especially when he figured out that there was candy in them! ;)

 Lucy is sitting up for brief period of time now and trying with all her might to get up on all fours. 

 She's the cutest little thumb-sucker.

 Daddy says she laughs like bevus and butthead...hehehehehe.  I'd say it's a lot cuter coming from her ;)

 I got an egg Mom!  Look - an egg!

1 comment:

Amy K said...

Looks like you guys are happy and doing well! The kids are growing fast. :)

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