Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Friends Visit

Our friends Kevin & Kristi from Sacramento surprised us with a visit last week. We had fun hanging out with our kids going to the Zoo and the Children's Museum.  The boys went to a Rockies v. Giants game one night and we spent an afternoon in Boulder as well.  It was pretty laid back, but we had a great time.  I used to watch Ty when he was just a baby and now he's 6 years old!!! Crazy how time flies.  Ava is 6 months older than Grady.  Grady thought Ty was the coolest!!

 My handsome boys

 Shopping with Ava


 Kristi and Lucy

 Children's Museum  - Bubble Experiments

 Grady is wishing for an acordian - they have a super cool one at this toy store in Boulder.

 The gorgeous tulips in Boulder - me with all the kids.

 me and my little man

 Crazy hats - me and Ty

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