Friday, June 03, 2011

Camping at the Royal Gorge

We went camping at the Royal Gorge Memorial Day Weekend.  We went with some of our friends that have a camper and kiddos that are very close in age to ours.  We had a great time and the kids did great on their first camping trip ever.  Grady stayed in a tent with Dad and Lucy and I slept in the camper with the girls.

The pictures were uploaded in a totally random's Grady at the Dinosaur Depot Museum in Canon City on our way out of town... uncovering fossils!

 On the Royal Gorge Bridge...the highest suspension bridge in the US. 

 Old Town at the Bridge & Park...Grady trying the saddle out and getting sent to jail.

 Grady & Blake

Lucy & Kylie

 I took this one for my you think you can cast a line off this bridge and make it into the river below?...I'd like to see the guy who tried and made this sign a necessity!

 Looking through the planks to the depths of the gorge below!  Yikes - it's a long ways down!!

 Besides the Montana flag!

 Riding the Train at the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park

 Around the campfire..

 Grady sitting on top of an Apatosaurus femur bone in the Dinosaur Depot.

 A day at the river...wading in the water and throwin' rocks!

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